Winter Academy Retro Electro Lounge Music

Winter Academy Retro Electro Lounge Music

 Electro-Lounge in Berlin



Winter Academy present Retro-Electro-Lounge from the Kellers of the city of Berlin- with influences rooted in the 1960s- the film scores of John Barry, the Lounge music of Enoch Light, the Psychedelia of The Doors, all given a dash of electronica to place the sound in a more modern context. Farfisa organs, Wurlitzer electric pianos, James Bond guitars, Moog synthesizers, swirling around a warm, seductive, dusky voice, inviting the listener into a sensuous world of mystery and esoterica. With texts in English, German, French, even Russian- there are few bands out there who could call themselves more truly European than Winter Academy.

Their debut single ‘Berlin die Dame’, a tribute to their adopted home city is featured on YouTube below, and is available as a digital download at iTunes from Jan 5th 2013.

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