balcony “Sparrows & Hawks” 2-CD

The long awaited  twenty seven(27 birds) song, prog rock double CD from balcony. Almost a decade in the making "sparrows and hawks" is a "concept record" an homage to the 1970s heyday of progressive overbearing art/rock/music.

The British band Balcony's long awaited "sparrows and hawks" is a double CD which contains twenty seven thematic songs forming a "concept record" in the tradition of all the great long winged 1970s records you hide from your punk friends; Yes, Caravan,The Moody Blues,Genesis, Pink Floyd, etc. Also mingled with some "glam rock" concepts such as the David Bowie albums "Ziggy Stardust" and Diamond Dogs" Writer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer Steven Lester describes the record concept as being "conceptual" Replete with Jeremy Irons, Mike Pinder Orwellian sonic poetry voice overs, trippy segues, 70s synth effects and song that is a dead ringer homage to 10cc's "I'm Not In Love" Sparrows and Hawks delivers in spades the the look, feel, sound and haze of 1970s progressive/glam rock music.

blr_date: 2013-05-05

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