Mont Records sonic reduction

Mont Records sonic reduction

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Mont Records is an online label dedicated to the promotion and exposure of new music. In this instance, the word ‘new’ must be taken literally. It doesn’t mean ‘recently-formed new bands recycling a style of music which has already been heard many times before’. It means: something fresh, something exciting and even provocative to the listener. In the current climate of the music scene this represents a serious challenge but not an impossible one. To find a needle in a hay-stack requires time, patience, persistence, and application. In an age where new bands proliferate in ever-increasing numbers, where each one of them has the technology to record tracks to a professional standard from a lap-top in a bedroom somewhere, and where every musician is on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, Soundcloud etc, a generous dose of serendipity is also required to accomplish such a task.

Online Music Los Angeles, London

From Los Angeles to Berlin, via New York and London, Mont Records proudly presents the new music of Balcony, Seacon, Stiv Lestar, Carcassette and Steve Aungle. Our roster of new bands and artists span a wide range of musical styles from the intoxicating cacophony of Balcony and the brutal electronica of Carcassette to the ethereal stillness of Seacon. Unlike most other labels, Mont does not impose parameters or limits on variety. Our only stipulation is that the music we sell and promote is new, stimulating, and cutting edge.

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