new alternative music

new alternative music

New Alternative Music

Alternative music has taken a bash since the 1990s styles of grunge industrial psycobilly rock house music and all round creative spree that was pretty cool. From nirvana to NIN to the cramps, London suede, Pulp brit pop Seattle rock  808 state and hundreds of other neat bands, music, fashion, lifestyle.

Where is new alternative music now? With the proliferation of PoP acts random hip hop auto tune Lady Gaga Disney channel stars bands frankly the term “alternative music” is well out of date. We at mont records like to come up with our own categorizes “metal electro” ‘doom lounge” “Gothic glam” “progressive glam”

Or how about “industrial lounge glam sounds a bit like Scott Walker and Mott the Hoople in a David Lynch flick”  The main thing is new alternative bands that can change the landscape of music are becoming a rare commodity. In many ways the dumbing  down of  music tastes is to blame as bland dance music and naff paint by numbers alternative bands churn the same old garbage out to the public. Major record companies are the worst offenders such as capitol records, interscope records, universal music sony records and the like. All the stuff put out by the major labels is just a drag and has no bearing on futuristic music styles, new alternatives or basically anything cool or artistic. Some of the most challenging styles of alternative music now come out of  other categories steampunk, chillwave, anime soundtracks  and world music.

Ok some things are hard to classify but “new alternative music‘ seems the least psychotic. and here at mont psychosis is a way of life.

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