Stiv LeStar

A Wizard A True Star Stiv LeStar

Taking the cue from Todd Rundgren’s “A Wizard A True Star” alternative music artist Stiv LeStar creates a panorama of  non categorical sonic lunacy. Ranging from the Philly soul sound, Stevie Wonder and the spiders from Mars to Frank Zappa Salvador Dali influenced textural noise.  LeStar is gracious  to acknowledgment the leanings and gleanings from Laura Nyro and Stephen Sondheim, Stiv LeStar has the vocal chops to pull off the “white soul pantomime” enabling him to appear on ” Live from Daryl’s House”  The new CD out this year is a tour de force 17 song emotive record that brings to mind LeStar’s 1970s hero’s Stevie Wonder, Todd and David Bowie. All singed with a “showtune” meets “space jazz” psychedelia type of glitz.