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British jazz Alternative folk

Seacon music delves into the pastoral British musical landscape set by Nick Drake, Fairport convention, farthingay along with progressive indie British folk jazz David Sylvian, The soft machine, Robert Wyatt, EGG, and other “Canterbury scene luminaries”. On the first CD “promenade” Seacon’s dark opening song “firstness” sets the tone for somber dramatizations. Promenade further switches from acoustic guitar minimal based arrangements to full blown orchestrations and piano based ballads.

Progressive folk music

The British jazz folk sound of Seacon is augmented by the saxophone playing of John Altman. John Altman has played for Van Morrison, Nick Drake along with orchestrating the soundtrack for “Titanic” The added arrangements of saxophone, piano, 1970s synthesizers and somber orchestration pushes the record into nostalgic realms of 70s acoustic recordings.

From the midlands UK comes singer songwriter Seacon, adorned in pastoral depression courtesy of  Nick Drake, David Sylvian, Raymond Froggatt influences.  This acoustic based record has a folk-jazz vibe with flourishes of  The Soft Machine, Robert Wyatt,  Henry Cow type progressions.

blr_date: 2013-05-03

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