Carcassette is based upon the principle of ‘Anti-Music’, a noise-based hybrid of electronic and organic sounds. The ‘songs’ have no melody and minimal harmonic movement (in some cases just one chord for the entire song) with the dynamics achieved by linear construction and deconstruction of parts- not dissimilar to Acid House and Techno styles of the early ’90s. Although Carcassette insist they have ‘no influences’, they have been compared to Nine Inch Nails and The Prodigy. Founding members musician Steve Aungle and parapsychologist Dr Neugal are based in Berlin, Germany and have recently released the band’s debut single ‘Milk from the Garage’ with an album of the same name to be released in January 2013.

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Carcassette definitions:




1. A cassette tape-machine in a car


2. A cassette-tape shaped like a car


3. A car shaped like a cassette-tape


4. A set of carcasses in a meat-market


5. A small carcass (e.g. field-mouse)


6. A band


7. A female fan of Carcassette