Balcony the Band | Jobriath Glam Rock

The band balcony is somewhat infamous for the free mp3 “Jobriath” download as a “ David Bowie, Nick Cave, David Sylvian track (imagine them all working together!) Anyway as marketing savvy as is seems, a well meaning fan uploaded this circa 2001 and the rest is now…Lost revenue!  Balcony’s two previous records “777 “and “Before Needs” both received 41/2 stars (all music guide) The new Balcony concept double CD “sparrows and hawks” is loosely based thematic records like The Moody Blues “to our children’s children’s children” Genesis  “the lamb lies down on Broadway”  Pink Floyd “dark side of the moon” David Bowie “diamond dogs” and 10cc “the original motion picture soundtrack”  or Kate Bush’s ” The Hounds of Love” Remade and remodeled all rolled into a decidedly Scott Walker moviegoer overtone,  sparrows is a little different sort of concept. Balcony’s Steven Lester who,  like Stevie Wonder, Todd Rundgren plays all the instruments, vocals arrangements and writes the songs on “sparrows and hawks” wanted to create the archetype progressive rock glam record simply because there is nothing else like it today. Lester recorded “sparrows and hawks” from every corner of Los Angeles, be it seedy or well heeled. With tracks also recorded in Berlin and London “sparrows and hawks” is an odyssey in vision requiring Lester to write over 140 songs in order to find “the ones that fit” Special thanks go out to Bif,  a North Hollywood black gentleman who let Steven Lester record in his studio for over a year “he would only take fanta orange sodas as payment”  Steven Lester says sparrows and hawks was a nightmare to finish, but on reflection once in while angel’s do arrive to help…. Although, usually in black leather.


Balcony |  Concept Albums Sparrows and Hawks

Balcony’s “sparrows and hawks” concept album is a prog rock meets glam rock amalgamation of sounds and styles. As 1970’s ‘concept records” were a large part of the ‘full listening experience” of the 60s and 70s. Even Frank Sinatra recorded a concept album “Watertown” Many top music artists of the time recorded, or indirectly recorded concept albums including, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Todd Rundgren, 10cc, Kate Bush and countless progressive rock “fringe bands” The Soft Machine, Egg “the polite force” Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, The Groundhogs and a plethora of mediocre to amazing music talents lost or forgotten. Balcony’s approach  in sparrows and hawks was to emulate some of the echoing features on the “concept record” in a 27 song “tonality poem”  The songs alone, stand as standard 3-5 min songs that are set as a “stand alone theme” However, the idea is to take in sparrows and hawks as a whole. Like watching a film that is laborious to sit through,  balcony’s progenitor Steven Lester advises “play one side a year” as 27 songs is a bit too much for anyone.


Sparrows and hawks….Some lyrics

Island’s of the lost

It’s read in stone ,earth and all things A mystics scars a madman sings A heightened sense of life Comes right before you die An arrow’s silent trails A bouquet hung on the rails Awake for the priestess of pawn Inside the doll a Jewell is sewn.               In Islands of the lost Remains unknown, In islands of the lost…. Souls.     New artifacts, a cult of one Another strength finally comes A fool and sunken treasure Giving in measure by measure A mountain made of glass The end,yes perhaps On a blood covered sand A storm will come too hard To stand to On islands of the lost Remains unknown     Islands of the lost….. Souls

Last day on earth

Come whistle down the wind love No hiding up above, or even underground Where The sirens make no sound there The highways locked in dread There is nowhere left to go ,Oh? We’ve gone too far to know Forgetting what’s been said You’ll catch the film in threads Missing what it meant And what it’s all been for The last day on Earth You’ll be leaving soon Tides up past the moon Deep in soul cocoon The last day on Earth

The children cross at lights And see you there in spite They are swearing in our path The scenery flashes faster Along the sea of though Washed on shores when time was wrought With castles in the sand Now crush on tiny hands

Go see the broken wings And all your everything Gathering the clouds Until the empty crowds and, You bought the dream again Forgot what’s real again But finding in the end The last Day on Earth Go find your Mother NOW Your fathers out of town Reading papers bout the Last day on Earth

See all the broken wings And all your everything Gathering the clouds and All the empty crowds. We bought the dream again,  Forgot what’s real again,  but Finding in the end,  Our Last day on Earth.  See all the broken wings, And all those every little things, it’s your last day on Earth.

We’re not going to make it

Got a photographic memory But some things you don’t want to find A plastic flower cemetery A scarf falls back behind We’re not going to make it But once upon a time Were not going to make it The blind leading the blind Looking through all of my playing cards A smiling face there every time

You can take it out to Vegas Throw it all on the line We’re not going to make it

But once in a life We’re not going to make it The pleasure has been mine There was a time to work it out A day to scream and shout A year to spend in doubt and now I turn around to find that

We’re not going to make it This silence feels right We’re not going to make it Good day and goodnight

Vacuum flowers & The Superclowns

On a black top fray where she stands And waits drenched in oil from our last summer And On the beach with the barricades Burning days of precious gender emblems

Lets hear it from the Superclowns A total vacuum Lets hear it from the Superclowns A let down

Close enough at the motorcade To watch our history come wash away On cold tile We’re speeding fast just to find the words Knowing all along no one ever heard it Back on a white sand testing ground Investing all in their soft tomorrow’s

Lets hear it from the Superclowns Living in a total Vacuum

On a path that leads to A shining Gold Horizon She beckons down a darkened road And I guess that’s where I’m gonna go So… Lets hear it from the Superclowns And the Superkillers and The SuperKillers

Something to say?

Well grasp the wheel while I jot this down All the new beginning’s are beginning to burden us now Well scoff you might at my tarnished resume Aloft Alight I can see you turn away

If you have something to say you better say it If there were something to pray to you better believe it

Swiftly goes vicious jets in your eyes A man unfolds only if the price is right Putting on flour all the minstrels in the shade Struggling in the Kitchen with baby’s lemonade If you have something to say you better say it But there’s nobody there you better leave it alone

Stitch me up can you fix my cuffs now too? We’ve played the game adhered to most of the rules Well laugh (you must!) as my dreams die with the dawn The same old shit that’s all they’ve left to pawn If you have something to say? You better say it But if there is nobody there? Then take me to your leader

Here is Nowhere

The road we see takes a twisted turn And who’s concerned how we’ll land A lady phones with an acid burn Won’t buy some more won’t return And here it’s threadbare The last place you want to be in Here they don’t care the The last place you want to live in Skies are green and impossibly high

Why even try without the money There are desperate bombs waiting to go off In the mind’s eye it’s merely survival And here it’s threadbare The last place you want to be in Here they don’t dare the The last place you want to live in

Love runs down

Love runs down the gutter