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Online downloads music store and alternative record company Mont Records proudly veers in the opposite direction of the major record labels. We believe in “direct to artist” payments and offer a better deal to new artists and bands. Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and CD Baby mange to garner a huge profit while creative inventive, futuristic bands have trouble surviving,  we want to change all of that. If you submit you new music to Mont, you give up no publishing rights, no locked in contracts, no 360 contracts (the worst business loan you can sign by the majors). Our office locations are Berlin, London, New York and Los Angeles. Please visit our submissions page for further information.

New Alternative Music

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 Mont Record Company Berlin, London UK, New York Los Angeles.

We’ve got the groundbreaking new alternative music artists and bands here on Mont records, the premiere indy alternative record label. Based in Berlin with offices in London NYC and Los Angeles, our idea of new alternative music and bands are actually artists that can possibly sling out more than four chords.


Most of the new alternative music artists seem to remain in one key or time signature. Mont artists Steve Aungle for instance can produce a modern classical piece on his solo record and then complete sonic meltdown on the electronic “Carcassette” record.


Grunge Industrial Post Pop Depression

The musical era from the 1990s was one stuffed with various pop, rap, and alternative artists in addition to a plethora of one-hit wonders. It was a time when musical taste was as varied since the events which are happening back then.


Probably the most popular acts that emerged in the 1990’s were bands and artists who enjoyed a kind of resurgence within the mainstream new music scene after their popularity had dwindled for the decade approximately. Other artists were only starting out during this decade making a huge influence on the musical scene.


Following can be an explanation of one of the most memorable artists that helped to define the era in terms of musical differentiations and also some artists who’re best forgotten. As it’s something entirely different, a lot of artists need to dabble with alternative music. Many have succeeded in their dabbling and really produced worthwhile and all-around excellent music. Much like their music. alternative artists do not follow any conventional stylistic appearance, the walk towards the beat of their drummer, no pun intended.


So new alternative music doesn’t offer only songs Although the new genre of indy music ended up introduced to the masses; yet, a few more years were required to result in the listeners immune to it. It had been on the height of popularity when a tastes groups signed to independent record labels and took a clear break through the post-punk years.

It had not been until 1990, once the grunge period began and the alternative rock was acknowledged as a definite genre of New music. The Alternative Music, grunge helped to produce the commercial success for alternative rock new music The continuously growing popularity, however, couldn’t affect the undeniable fact that Alternative New music remained an underground phenomenon through the 1980s.



But since every could includes a silver lining, therefore the constant touring of alternative new music bands helped build underground followings. The standard series of low-budget albums also led to change the taste of music-lovers. Within the United States and UK, a new trend of forming songs bands inside the wake of previous ones was being observed. This manner made a big underground circuit in the USA, UK and now Japan and Europe.


By 2009 the usage of vinyl has become widely used to the proper alternative artist fan and are useful for the distribution for generally independent and alternative music artists and bands, unlike more mainstream artists producing download MP3s and CD digital packs.